Smash through frustrating false breakouts, stop taking low quality trades and slash those painful drawdowns

Have you ever entered a trade in a beautifully trending market - just to experience an immediate market reversal, followed by a quick, painful and totally unexpected loss?

Then you were a ‘victim’ of a false breakout.  

In 2015, I experienced a very unexpected trading pain and frustration.  

After making a lot of money in beautifully trending markets in 2014, and taking a 100-day cruise around the World on the 'Costa Deliziosa' cruise ship, I was convinced that my trading luck would last forever, and money would keep piling into my trading account quickly and easily.  

But against all my expectations - something went wrong.  

Painfully wrong.  

All of sudden, a lot of my trading strategies started losing money - and pretty fast.  

Many of my trades at the beginning of 2015 looked like this:  

...A regular market breakout entry into a nicely moving market...  

... then suddenly the market move stopped unexpectedly, reversed and...  

...hit my stop-loss hard.  

But it wasn’t just my stop-losses being hit hard...  

It was also my confidence, and I was really starting to hurt.  

So, I started investigating.  

All my breakout strategies were robust, passing all of my extremely tough robustness testing procedures - so overfitting or over optimization was out of the question.  

The problem had to be somewhere else.  

And in fact, it was a very simple one:  

The markets had stopped moving.  

But my breakout trading strategies kept trading as if nothing had changed.  

As a result - the majority of my breakout entries started turning into false breakout entries.  

My trades had no chance.  

One false breakout after another, as a neverending story of money disappearing from my trading account. 

It was ‘death by a thousand cuts’.  

At that time, I finally started paying more attention to the biggest danger for all breakout traders (no matter what market, timeframe or volatility you trade):  

False breakouts.  

And if you know what I’m talking about, you're not alone.  

Far from it.  

Breakout traders from all around the world confirm: False breakouts are the #1 challenge, pain and frustration for breakout traders

In 2017, conducted a survey of breakout traders and asked them a simple question:  

"When it comes to breakout trading, what is the single biggest challenge, frustration or problem that you’ve been struggling with?”  

398 traders from the US, Europe, Australia and Asia participated in the survey.  

The result?  

False breakouts were the most mentioned obstacle, exceeding any other breakout trading challenge by a long way.

These traders had different levels of trading experience, were trading different markets, different timeframes, different strategies, and using different software - yet, were experiencing the same, universal challenge again and again: 

False breakouts.  

Here are just a few examples from the survey (exactly as written by the participants): 

"My biggest challenge when it comes to breakout strategies are "fakeouts", which means breakouts that seem to occur, trigger my trades, but then come back and hit my stoploss - if you could explain how you avoid "fakeouts" then this would help a lot!"

- Frustrated breakout trader #74, Trading Level: Intermediate

"Differentiating from a false breakout and from a premature breakout which pulls back like a false breakout and then develops into a true breakout."

- Frustrated breakout trader #198, Trading Level: Beginner

"Find the right breakout point to participate from the beginning of the move while not being whipsawed by false breakouts."

- Frustrated breakout trader #246, Trading Level: Advanced

"1) False breakouts 2) trade in profit and then deciding whether to take the profit if price pulls back to test the BO level or to stay in the trade"

- Frustrated breakout trader #273, Trading Level: Intermediate

"false breakouts, would like to be able to trade outside bars at S&R but do not know how to scan them in ThinkOrSwim"

- Frustrated breakout trader #315, Trading Level: Intermediate

(Note: 398 traders from around the world participated in the survey, traders from all levels of experience.)

Quite frankly, reading all of the replies - I’m not surprised.  

False breakouts are one of the hardest challenges to overcome in breakout trading.  

Hi, my name is Tomas Nesnidal, and I’ve literally spent thousands of hours researching false breakouts 

My friends simply call me “Tom”.  

I am a full-time breakout trader, running my own breakout trading hedge fund since 2017.  

I live in the south of Spain (Andalucia) and I’ve been very lucky to have traveled to 64 different countries, while making my primary income from fully automated breakout trading (the popular magazine “Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities even published my success story as a 3-page article in the June 2016 issue, called “Around The World In Trading Days”).  

My breakout trading research, techniques, concepts and ideas have been published on many trading-related media, including:

But it wasn't easy.  

During my trading journey I had to deal with a lot of very challenging obstacles, and false breakouts was one of the biggest ones.  

Now, with the help of, for the very first time, I have the opportunity to share my best, cutting-edge techniques to smashing false breakouts.  

To give you the final answers to questions like:

  • How can I stop false and premature breakouts hurting my trading account? 
  • How can I stop false breakouts in high volatility? 
  • How can I minimize false breakouts with more precise and accurate breakout timing? 
  • How can I accurately detect the market mood and environment to completely avoid false breakouts and only trade in the most favorable market conditions?  

What’s the solution to smashing false breakouts quickly and easily?

It’s all about the timing - smarter and dramatically better timing.

The more precise your timing is on entry, the less false breakouts you will experience.  

But market timing can be really tricky.  

It took me many years to formulate, analyze and test hundreds of different techniques for better timing.  

After literally thousands of hours, I was finally able to isolate 12 of the most robust, powerful and universal techniques, and structure them into 4 different levels, creating a pyramid of laser-focused timing I call 'the breakout timing pyramid'.

For each level I designed 3 very powerful strategies to dramatically reduce false breakouts. 

That is 12 ground-breaking techniques that you can implement into your existing trading strategies in minutes - and start seeing a reduction in false breakouts almost instantly.  

Just consider:  

  • More money,
  • Smaller drawdowns,
  • Higher average trade,  
  • Better profit factor,
  • And an improved Net Profit to Maximum Drawdown ratio for more stable trading income.  

Here is just one example of a 5-minute improvement using one of my false breakout smashing techniques:  

This is just ONE technique, that shows an increase in Net Profit, Profit Factor, Average Trade and NetProfit to Drawdown Ratio, while also producing lower Drawdowns.  

Sure, this example is not a killer strategy that'll make you a millionaire overnight, but its a great improvement to the quality of the trades, so imagine what this technique could do for your own strategies!

And this isn't even my best technique.  

Now imagine if you owned all 12 of my techniques.  

How much would your trading, and potentially even your life change?  

Introducing “Smashing False Breakouts” - 12 proven, highly effective techniques to reduce false breakouts in your existing trading strategies fast

12 universal, easy-to-implement, cutting-edge techniques for smashing false breakouts. 

The very best I’ve researched, discovered, tested, proven and implemented into my own trading, including my hedge fund, too.  

All you need to do is to take these 12 techniques, implement them into your existing breakout trading strategies - and start smashing false breakouts almost instantly.  

Here's what you'll discover in the 'Smashing False Breakouts' course:

Module #1: Preparing to smash false breakouts  

We want you to succeed, to make a real difference in your trading with this program, that’s why we’ll start with: 

  • How to use this program so you can implement all of the techniques fast and see results as soon as possible
  • What you need to know to make sure you understand each technique perfectly, no matter what trading software you use or which market you trade,
  • Preparing all the tools, including an example breakout strategy we’ll use during the course to show you how all 12 techniques in this course can work for a single strategy 

Plus in this module you also get: 

  • 1 Easy Language code (including a PDF document with a clear explanation for simple coding into any other good trading platform) 
  • 1 backtest report  

Module #2: Smashing false breakouts with better "General Timing"

The first level of the breakout timing pyramid, is "General Timing". In this module you’ll discover: 

  • Technique #1 - Twisted DOW. This technique can be implemented in less than 5 minutes, and with most of your strategies you will see immediate results. The technique uses my own, extremely important and powerful twist to a generally well known approach. A twist that makes all the difference and most traders don't even know about it!  
  • Technique #2 - Dynamic Twisted DOW. With this advanced version you will learn a completely new trick that took me a while to figure out. You will move from static trading to dynamic trading and see how much of a difference this shift can make.  
  • Technique #3 - Higher Picture Deployment. General timing is all about the higher picture mainly. Once you discover how to assess and use the higher picture of the market behaviour, the timing of your entries will improve immediately and false breakouts will start diminishing really fast.  
  • Practical walkthrough in TradeStation. Step-by-step walkthrough of the code, workspaces and techniques directly in TradeStation (and to make it even easier to understand the code and logic if you need to code them into any other trading platform quickly and easily).  

Plus also included in this module: 

  • 10 Easy Language codes (including a PDF document with a clear explanation for simple coding into any other good trading platform) 
  • 9 backtest reports 
  • 3 TradeStation workspaces  

Module #3: Smashing false breakouts with better "System Timing"

The second level of the breakout timing pyramid is all about improving "System Timing". In this module you will discover:

  • Technique #4 - HOD/LOD Timing. Another extremely powerful technique, with zero risk of overfitting - because this technique contains no optimization parameters. Implement it in under 5 minutes and see immediate results with many of your existing breakout trading strategies.  
  • Technique #5: T-Segment Timing. One of my favorite techniques, which I’ve been using successfully for many years. Any new breakout trading strategy I develop, I almost instantly test with this false breakout smashing technique.  
  • Technique #6: Trade order and entry bar quality filtering. A slightly more advanced approach. This time we deal with better timing directly at the entry level itself (which is still part of system level timing). You will discover how just a simple change of market order can make a big difference.  
  • Practical walkthrough in TradeStation. Step-by-step walkthrough of the code, workspaces and techniques directly in TradeStation (and to make it even easier to understand the code and logic if you need to code them into any other trading platform quickly and easily).  

Plus also included in this module: 

  • 6 Easy Language codes (including a PDF document with a clear explanation for simple coding into any other good trading platform) 
  • 6 backtest reports 
  • 3 TradeStation workspaces  

Module #4: Smashing false breakouts using advanced "Volatility Timing"

This module is an important one - volatility is a hugely effective filter to smashing false breakouts! In this module you will discover my own proprietary breakthrough techniques, which I’m sharing publicly for the very first time, including:

  • Technique #7: Volatility Bins. This is extremely powerful. Quickly find the exact type of volatility that produces most false breakouts in your trading strategy and end them today.  
  • Technique #8: Dynamic Volatility Bins. An advanced approach, where we take my proprietary volatility concept and add a dynamic element to it. With this dynamic volatility approach you’ll be able to make volatility your best friend and significantly improve your results.  
  • Technique #9: Adaptive Volatility Bins. A breakthrough technique that will help you use volatility to laser-focus the breakout levels itself. Your breakout levels will literally adapt to volatility changes - in a very unique way (without using any commonly known techniques).  
  • Practical walkthrough in TradeStation. Step-by-step walkthrough of the code, workspaces and techniques directly in TradeStation (and to make it even easier to understand the code and logic if you need to code them into any other trading platform quickly and easily).  

Plus also included in this module: 

  • 5 Easy Language codes (including a PDF document with a clear explanation for simple coding into any other good trading platform) 
  • 7 backtest reports 
  • 3 TradeStation workspaces  

Module #5: Smashing false breakouts with "Market Timing"

And finally, you will discover how to deal with false breakouts with more advanced, more alternative techniques at the "Market Timing" level. 

  • Technique #10: Market Quality Switch. A powerful switch that will show you how to detect trending and non-trending market quality and filter false breakouts in each market quality individually. For many traders just the concept of Market Quality itself will be a groundbreaking concept, truly priceless.  
  • Technique #11: Advanced Trade Management Hack. One of the more advanced approaches is not to deal with false breakouts before or during the entry, but AFTER the entry instead. This technique will show you an effective way to do this. You’ll learn how to cut your losses way sooner, before your stop-loss is even hit.  
  • Technique #12: Redirection. And finally, I will share with you a way of complete redirection - the next must-do step to boost your trading to even higher levels, smooth your equity and secure stable income from your trading.  
  • Practical walkthrough in TradeStation. Step-by-step walkthrough of the code, workspaces and techniques directly in TradeStation (and to make it even easier to understand the code and logic if you need to code them into any other trading platform quickly and easily).  

Plus also included in this module: 

  • 4 Easy Language codes (including a PDF document with a clear explanation for simple coding into any other good trading platform) 
  • 2 backtest reports 
  • 2 TradeStation workspaces  

That's 12 powerful, proven techniques to smash false breakouts, 26 codes, 25 performance reports, and 11 workspaces.

Each technique is explained in 3 simple, clear implementation steps, and all you need to implement each technique (literally within a few minutes) is to follow the instructions.  

The 'fast implementation' steps are:  

STEP #1 - Prepare: Preparing you existing strategy with a small modification of the code (explained in detail, step-by-step, can be adapted to any trading platform)  

STEP #2 - Test: Testing the corresponding false breakout smashing technique and assess the results (this is where the real fun begins!)  

STEP #3 - Deploy: Implementing the false breakout smashing technique into your existing breakout strategy (enjoying the new and improved results!)  

Simple, straightforward, and designed to take no more than a few minutes of your time!  

When you request access to the 'Smashing False Breakouts' program, here's what you'll get instantly:

  • A 100% online trading program - 5 modules, 33 video lessons, taking you step by step from introduction right through to implementation,
  • Downloadable MP3 audio, transcripts and slides for every lesson, 
  • 26 fully opened EasyLanguage Codes, all explained in detail by video, 
  • All 26 codes in PDF format, with clear descriptions of each part, so you can easily implement them into any other good trading platform fast, 
  • 25 backtest reports so you can see the results and compare before and after,
  • 11 TradeStation workspaces with all the practical examples from the course.

If only one of these 12 powerful, proven techniques for smashing false breakouts worked for you, saving you 1000's of dollars and significantly improving your trading results, how much would it be worth to you?

Each of the techniques in this program alone has personally saved me thousands of dollars already, improved my Average Trade, Profit Factor and Net Profit versus Maximum Drawdown ratios significantly.  

So I consider each technique truly priceless.  

But if you would put a gun to my head and asked me the absolute minimum I value for each of the techniques, I would probably say - each at least, as a very minimum, 197 USD.  

With 12 cutting-edge, proven techniques in the program…  

...the total value of this program is at least 2,364 USD (but it has saved me many 1000's more than that).  

But wait.  

Based on the research of 398 breakout traders from all around the world we know how painful and frustrating false breakouts can be.  

So we really want to help.  

Therefore, if you’re really excited about this unique opportunity to do something significant for your breakout trading, to improve your results fast and with minimum effort.  

...and if you act now… won’t have to pay 2,364 USD.  

Not even 1,000.  

And not even 500.  

Because if you act right now, you can secure all 12 techniques for only 497 USD (instead of 2,364 USD)!

And it gets even better.  

I truly want you to succeed, giving you the absolute best of my best.  

And that means also adding something TRULY special.  

Something so special…  

...that I have never ever shared this with anybody else before.  


Plus, I want you to act right now, test the program, and start implementing all of these proven, cutting-edge techniques today, so you can smash through false breakouts too and see fast results yourself.  

So, here is what we will also include, if you act now.  

For a very limited time we will also add two additional powerful bonus techniques worth 594 USD for FREE - including my best and most secret technique that I have never shared before

Here are my two additional breakout-smashing techniques:

FREE Bonus #1: ‘ADR’ technique (197 USD value)

Another powerful technique to smash false breakouts.  

You definitely want to have this one in your arsenal as well. 

  • A highly universal technique,
  • Easy to implement in under 5 minutes,
  • Full opened code and workspace included.

FREE Bonus #2: My best and most secret ‘Multi-market breakout validation’ technique (397 USD value)

And finally, I’ve kept the best for last. 

I have never - EVER - shared this technique before. 

This is an advanced technique, which, in the right hands, can turn your trading into gold. 

This technique is: 

  • My most secret technique to smashing false breakouts, 
  • A completely new way of thinking and dealing with false breakouts,
  • Includes fully opened code and workspaces, 
  • Is a priceless technique. 

(*Note: I am probably a fool for sharing this technique and giving it out, but I really want you to succeed!)  

For a very limited time, you can secure this ultimate solution to smashing false breakouts for only $497 USD (instead of $3,455 USD - that’s 86% OFF)!

Here's everything you get to smash your false breakouts and start implementing TODAY:

Plus 29 codes, 27 backtest reports, 14 TradeStation workspaces with all the practical examples from the course (including bonuses), plus much more, for only $497 USD if you act now.

These powerful techniques work for:

  • Futures traders 
  • Stocks traders 
  • ETF traders 
  • Forex traders 
  • Daytraders 
  • Swing traders 
  • Beginning traders
  • Advanced traders
  • Traders with any good trading/backtesting platform
  • Traders absolutely dedicated to success  

All of the techniques are very simple to implement.  

You just need to add them into your existing breakout trading strategies and watch false breakouts reduce, sometimes dramatically.  

Although the codes in the course are in EasyLanguage / Tradestation, they are so powerfully simple they can be coded into any trading platform.  

Plus each line of code is clearly explained in the videos, and the descriptions are in PDF format too.  

So, don’t hesitate.  

Secure all 14 powerful false breakouts smashing techniques worth $3,455 USD for only $497 USD now.

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Finally, stop paying for false breakouts!

Let’s face the fundamental fact:  

False breakouts won't just disappear by themselves.  

Until you start doing something deliberate about them… will keep paying for them.  

And you'll pay alot.  

Not only with your money, but also with your confidence, your trading goals and dreams, and increased frustration (and stress, which can even influence your health).  

So why keep holding onto all of this?  

Why not simply start reducing false breakouts today, and avoid all of the pain and frustration when it's not necessary at all?  

You have 3 options...

Option #1: Continue suffering and losing money from false breakouts  

But you’re definitely smarter and wiser than that, so why even consider this as an option?  

Option #2: Figure it all on your own  

It took me many years of research, testing and live trading to figure out all of these techniques and put them into practical steps and code that actually work, and are simple and fast to implement. It also took me a lot of frustration, and many sleepless nights.  

Is this all worth it? (To be honest, if this program existed when I started my breakout trading career, I wouldn’t have hesitated for even a second, knowing how painful false breakouts can be).  

Option #3: Get the one of a kind “Smashing false breakouts” program and start dealing with false breakouts TODAY.  

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This course is brought to you by Better Trader Academy – the algorithmic trading specialists. Here is what students of are saying:

"Thank you Tomas and Andrew. I appreciate your honest transparency and commitment to excellence." 

-Phil, Australia

“After I analysed the work of so many traders for several years , I can count you as one of the handful of genuine traders and educators whose methods actually work." 

-Raman, India

“Tom´s systems and trading approach do really work and can bring good, stable and reasonable returns."

 - David, Czech Republic

“As a strategy developer I am always looking for new ideas how to do things. I have tested countless ideas and strategies from the internet. Some works and many don’t. After completing and testing the content of Tomas I was happily surprised that it was working. And amazingly many things by Tomas works the way he describes."

-Henrik, Sweden

“You want to be sure your money is well spent and it is usable out of the box…save time and re-use the knowledge of other experienced traders.”

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