Breakout traders from around the world confirm: "False breakouts are the #1 challenge, pain and frustration of breakout trading"

So... what's the solution?

Most traders usually do the completely wrong thing when it comes to avoiding false breakouts...

And they end up with overfit trading rules that will probably just lose them money.  

The REAL answer lies in the 4 levels of this special pyramid:

In a couple of minutes, I'm going to share how this pyramid solved my issues with false breakouts. But first, I want to tell you a little story.

In 2017, conducted a survey of breakout traders and asked them a simple question:  

"When it comes to breakout trading, what is the single biggest challenge, frustration or problem that you’ve been struggling with?”  

398 traders from the US, Europe, Australia and Asia participated in the survey.  

The result?  

False breakouts were the most mentioned obstacle, exceeding any other breakout trading challenge by a long way.

These traders had different levels of trading experience. They traded different markets and different timeframes. They used different strategies, and different software. Yet, they were all experiencing the same, universal challenge again and again: 

False breakouts.  

Here are just a few examples from the survey (exactly as written by the participants): 

"My biggest challenge when it comes to breakout strategies are "fakeouts", which means breakouts that seem to occur, trigger my trades, but then come back and hit my stoploss - if you could explain how you avoid "fakeouts" then this would help a lot!"

- Frustrated breakout trader #74, Trading Level: Intermediate

"Differentiating from a false breakout and from a premature breakout which pulls back like a false breakout and then develops into a true breakout."

- Frustrated breakout trader #198, Trading Level: Beginner

"Find the right breakout point to participate from the beginning of the move while not being whipsawed by false breakouts."

- Frustrated breakout trader #246, Trading Level: Advanced

"1) False breakouts 2) trade in profit and then deciding whether to take the profit if price pulls back to test the BO level or to stay in the trade"

- Frustrated breakout trader #273, Trading Level: Intermediate

"false breakouts, would like to be able to trade outside bars at S&R but do not know how to scan them in ThinkOrSwim"

- Frustrated breakout trader #315, Trading Level: Intermediate

(Note: 398 traders from around the world participated in the survey, traders from all levels of experience.)

Quite frankly, reading the replies - I’m not surprised.  

False breakouts are one of the hardest challenges to overcome in breakout trading.  

Hi, my name is Tomas Nesnidal, and I’ve spent thousands of hours researching false breakouts 

I'm a full-time breakout trader, and I've been running my own breakout trading hedge fund since 2017.  

My breakout trading techniques and ideas are published on many popular trading websites and magazines, including:

During my trading journey I had to deal with a lot of very challenging obstacles. False breakouts was one of the biggest ones.  

Now, with the help of, I can share my best, cutting-edge techniques to smashing false breakouts.  

To give you the final answers to questions like:

  • How can you stop false and premature breakouts hurting your trading account? 
  • How can you minimize false breakouts with more precise and accurate breakout timing? 
  • How can you accurately detect the market mood and environment to completely avoid false breakouts and only trade in the most favorable market conditions?  

The 'breakout timing pyramid' solution to smashing false breakouts quickly and easily...

It’s all about the timing - smarter and dramatically better timing.

The more precise your timing is on entry, the less false breakouts you will experience.  

But market timing can be really tricky.  

It took me many years to formulate, analyze and test hundreds of different techniques for better timing.  

After thousands of hour, I was able to isolate 12 of the most robust, powerful and universal techniques. And I structured them into 4 different levels, creating a pyramid of laser-focused timing. 

I call it the 'Breakout Timing Pyramid'.

For each level I designed 3 very powerful strategies to dramatically reduce false breakouts. 

That's 12 ground-breaking techniques you can add to your existing trading strategies in minutes. And start seeing a reduction in false breakouts almost instantly.  

Here's one example of a 5-minute improvement using one of my false breakout smashing techniques:  

This is only ONE technique. When applied, it shows an increase in Net Profit, Profit Factor, Average Trade and NetProfit to Drawdown Ratio. Plus, it does this while also producing lower Drawdowns.  

Sure, this example is not a killer strategy that'll make you a millionaire overnight. But its a great improvement to the quality of the trades. Now imagine what this technique could do for your own strategies!

And this isn't even my best technique.  

Now imagine if you owned all 12 of my techniques, how much could your trading potentially improve?  

Introducing “Smashing False Breakouts” - 12 proven, highly effective techniques to reduce false breakouts in your existing trading strategies fast

These 12 cutting-edge techniques are the very best I’ve implemented into my own trading, including my hedge fund.  

All you need to do is to take these 12 techniques, add them into your existing breakout trading strategies - and start smashing false breakouts almost instantly.  

Here's what you'll discover in the 'Smashing False Breakouts' course:

Module #1: Preparing to smash false breakouts  

We want you to succeed, to make a real difference in your trading with this program, that’s why we’ll start with: 

  • How to use this program so you can implement the techniques fast and see results as soon as possible
  • What you need to know to understand each technique perfectly, no matter what trading software you use or which market you trade,
  • An example breakout strategy we’ll use during the course to show you how all 12 techniques in this course can work for a single strategy 

Module #2: Smashing false breakouts with better "General Timing"

In this module you’ll discover: 

  • Technique #1 - Twisted DOW. This technique can be implemented in less than 5 minutes, and with most of your strategies you will see immediate results. The technique uses my own twist to a generally well known approach. A twist that makes all the difference and most traders don't even know about it!  
  • Technique #2 - Dynamic Twisted DOW. With this advanced version you will learn a completely new trick that took me a while to figure out. You will move from static trading to dynamic trading and see how much of a difference this shift can make.  
  • Technique #3 - Higher Picture Deployment. General timing is all about the higher picture mainly. Once you discover how to assess and use the higher picture of the market behaviour, the timing of your entries will improve immediately. False breakouts will start diminishing fast.  

Module #3: Smashing false breakouts with better "System Timing"

In this module you’ll discover:

  • Technique #4 - HOD/LOD Timing. Another extremely powerful technique, with zero risk of overfitting. Why? Because this technique contains no optimization parameters. You can implement it in under 5 minutes and see immediate results with many of your existing breakout trading strategies.  
  • Technique #5: T-Segment Timing. One of my favorite techniques, which I’ve been using for many years. I test this false breakout technique on any new breakout trading strategy I develop.  
  • Technique #6: Trade order and entry bar quality filtering. This is a more advanced approach. This time we deal with better timing at the entry level itself. You'll discover how a simple change of market order can make a big difference.  

Module #4: Smashing false breakouts using advanced "Volatility Timing"

This module is an important one. Volatility is a hugely effective filter to smashing false breakouts! In this module you will discover my own proprietary breakthrough techniques (which I’m sharing for the very first time), including:

  • Technique #7: Volatility Bins. This is so powerful. Find the exact type of volatility that produces most false breakouts in your trading strategy and end them today.  
  • Technique #8: Dynamic Volatility Bins. An advanced approach, adding a dynamic element to my proprietary volatility concept. Make volatility your best friend and significantly improve your results.  
  • Technique #9: Adaptive Volatility Bins. A breakthrough technique that uses volatility to laser-focus the breakout levels itself. Your breakout levels will adapt to volatility changes in a unique way (without using any commonly known techniques).  

Module #5: Smashing false breakouts with "Market Timing"

And finally, discover how to deal with false breakouts using alternative techniques at the "Market Timing" level.

  • Technique #10: Market Quality Switch. A powerful switch that detects trending and non-trending market quality. With this, you can filter false breakouts in each market quality individually. For many traders, the concept of Market Quality will be a groundbreaking and priceless concept.  
  • Technique #11: Advanced Trade Management Hack. One of the more advanced approaches is not to deal with false breakouts before or during the entry, but AFTER the entry instead. This technique will show you an effective way to do this. You’ll learn how to cut your losses way sooner, before your stop-loss is even hit.  
  • Technique #12: Redirection. And finally, I'll share with you a technique called "Redirection". This is the next "must-do" step to boost your trading to higher levels, smoothing your equity curve and securing a stable income from your trading.  

That's 12 powerful, proven techniques to smash false breakouts, 26 codes, 25 performance reports, and 11 workspaces.

Each technique is explained in 3 simple, clear implementation steps. All you need to implement each technique (often within a few minutes) is to follow the instructions.

Simple, straightforward, and designed to take no more than a few minutes of your time!  

And the results? 

Look at these two examples from trader Alan, from the USA.  

The first example shows how even a poor Lean Hogs strategy can transform into a great one with the 'Smashing False Breakout' techniques. 

The second example, on the Crude Oil market, shows a pretty usual kind of improvement many students experience with this program.

“The methodologies really work!”

"I've learned to test everything. So when the Smashing False Breakouts course came out, I was a bit sceptical and it felt like curve fitting. So, the first thing I did was to take the example that you gave in class and just checked to see if a strategy that was very simple, two lines, a long entry and a short entry, could be improved. And, sure enough, the methodologies that you put forward really work!"

- Alan, USA

When you join the 'Smashing False Breakouts' program, here's what you get:

  • A 100% online trading program, taking you from introduction right through to implementation,
  • Downloadable MP3 audio, transcripts and slides for every lesson, 
  • 26 fully opened EasyLanguage Codes, all explained in detail by video, 
  • All 26 codes in PDF format. With clear descriptions of each part, you can easily add them into any good trading platform fast, 
  • 25 backtest reports so you can see the results and compare before and after,
  • 11 TradeStation workspaces with all the practical examples from the course.

And for a very limited time we'll add three additional bonuses worth $1191 USD for FREE...

FREE Bonus #1: ‘ADR’ technique (197 USD value)

Another powerful technique to smash false breakouts. You definitely want to have this one in your arsenal as well. 

  • A highly universal technique,
  • Easy to implement in under 5 minutes,
  • Full opened code and workspace included.

FREE Bonus #2: My best and most secret ‘Multi-market breakout validation’ technique (497 USD value)

I have never - EVER - shared this technique before. This is an advanced technique, which, in the right hands, can turn your trading into gold. This technique is: 

  • My most secret technique to smashing false breakouts, 
  • A completely new way of thinking and dealing with false breakouts,
  • Includes fully opened code and workspaces, 
  • Is a priceless technique. 

(*Note: I am probably a fool for sharing this technique and giving it out, but I really want you to succeed!)  

FREE Bonus #3: The 'Smashing False Breakouts Smart Code' (497 USD value)

And finally, I’ve kept the best for last.  

With the new ‘Smashing False Breakouts Smart Code’ you can test your existing strategies with 85 individual 'Smashing False Breakouts' conditions quickly and easily.

All you do is copy your strategy code into specific sections of the 'Smart Code' template and it’s ready to go - that's it! 

You could have your first strategy boosted by Smashing False Breakouts in 10-20 minutes, with almost no work (we've done all the coding for you).

FREE Bonus #4: The 'Smashing False Breakouts 7-day action plan'

We know your time is valuable.  

And we know you want to get these powerful Smashing False Breakouts techniques implemented fast. 

That’s why we've included this last bonus - a step-by-step action plan, that will complete the mission in just 7-days (or less).  

Imagine how much more profitable your trading could be in only 7 days!

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Here's everything you get to smash your false breakouts and start implementing TODAY:

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These powerful techniques work for:

  • Futures, Stocks, ETF and Forex traders 
  • Daytraders and Swing traders 
  • Beginners and Advanced traders
  • Traders with any good trading/backtesting platform
  • Serious traders dedicated to success  

The codes in the course are in EasyLanguage / Tradestation. But they are so simple they can be coded into any trading platform. Plus each line of code is clearly explained in the videos, and the descriptions are in PDF format too.  

Secure all 14 powerful false breakouts smashing techniques and the 'Smashing False Breakouts Smart Code' worth $3,455 USD for only $497 USD now.

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The real question is this:  

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“A huge improvement in no more than 15 minutes of effort!”

“Immediately after applying just the time filters from the ‘Smashing False Breakouts’ course, I achieved an absolutely massive improvement."

-Shawn, United States

“Well above the rest!”

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